This Will Most Likely Happen

•The dates on your contract will most likely change, perhaps multiple times. The dates are a “guestimate” and subject to many variables (attorneys timetable), HOA approval and other variances.

• You will become anxious or nervous.

• You will become irritated or annoyed about frequent and last minute paperwork requests with seemingly impossible deadlines.

• You will want to tell your friends and family about your experience on social media sites. Don’t!

• You will have to send paperwork such as but not limited to proof of income, address verification, id, etc. more than once.

• If approval is requested by the bylaws of Home Owner’s Association such approval could to take up to 30 days from the day you deliver all documentation.

• If copies are not legible you may have to resign and resend them again.

• In this market you may have to pay at asking or over asking price in order to get a property.

• You will not be told how much money to bring to closing until the day of your closing and many times only hours or minutes before the day of closing.

• The Mortgage company will most likely pull a credit another report on you days before or even the day of your closing.


Things You Should Absolutely NOT Do!!!


• Don’t quit your job

• Don’t change your job

• Don’t buy any large ticket items (like five dollars or more!)

• Don’t make David Copperfield deposits (all funds need to be traceable)

• Don’t speak with sellers directly (loose lips sink ships)

• Not getting a gift letter and a bank statement for funds

• Not telling the person who is giving you the gift that you will probably need a gift letter and some proof (usually a bank statement) that they had the money to give

• Not telling me if you are allergic to animals

• Not being completely honest with your lender about child support, alimony, wage garnishments or any other payroll reduction

• Don’t make any major purchases (like $5.00 or more)

• Don’t get advice from a buying committee that has not purchased in the last year (the rules change almost daily) or your brother’s, sister, friend husband who was an agent 10 years.

• Don’t wait to see everything else that is on the market

• Don’t trash the property in front of the owners

• Don’t call the other agent on For Sale signs, call me and I will more than happy to set up an appointment.

• Don’t attend open houses and new construction without me

• Don’t not tell me if you have a house to sell.

• Don’t delay paperwork because you are irritated by the frequency and number of requests from your Mortgage Company. This more likely will delay the process and could jeopardize your escrow deposit.

• Don’t find a lender on the internet that offers a 0.001 interest rate and/or is outside of the area

• Don’t forget … it is possible to find what you are looking for the very first day you go out (this happens more than you think…)

• Don’t go home to sleep on it (in a hot market, if you sleep on it, you might not get to sleep in it)

• Don’t wait to find the absolute PERFECT house. You will always be limited by income, zoning, inventory at the time, and/or legislation and or property taxes.

• Don’t forget the 80/10/10 Rule! If you find a house that has 80% of what you are looking for, 10% of things you can change and 10% of things you can live with, its a keeper.


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