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Asesoramos en sus planes de Inversión en los Estados Unidos. Somos expertos en el mercado Inmobiliario del sur de la Florida.
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Gracias a todos nuestros clientes que nos dejan un comentario. Realmente lo apreciamos!
Eduardo and Ana Gonzalez

Ana and I once had a dream, as a young couple we desired to start a family together but not before having a place to call our home. I want to take the time to thank all the personnel that was involved in our journey to reach a dream that…


I was actively looking for a property for about a year. I had a couple of realtors helping me, but none of them really fulfilled my expectations. After being disappointed numerous times, a friend introduced me to Miguel. Miguel took the time to listen to my requests and wishes. He…

Leslie R Gross D.D.S.

Thank you for your professional service in the sale of my apartment in Boca Raton. Appreciate  your  guidance  in  a  task  that  can  be  both  time  consuming  and  stressful.  Can’t imagine having completed this sale without your advice and efforts in the details necessary to expedite this transaction. Would  certainly…

David Rodriguez

From all my property buying and selling experiences, this one was by far the easiest and best. From the beginning, Miguel managed to help us with a detailed analysis of the market and a thorough marketing strategy. The execution of such strategy was also flawless, everything he offered, happened at…

Steve Holliday

I interviewed many Real Estate agents and even have personal friends in the business. However, Miguel’s business plan and passion impressed me enough to let him handle the job. Again, this was not a typical situation so choosing the correct Real Estate agent was critical to me. Miguel coached me…

Chris Wagner

Trying to sell a house in this economy is tough. Trying to short sale a house is just as tough but with the added stress of all the forms and deadlines to meet.I could not have got through all the paperwork that the banks require or questions I had without…

Helen Lauro

I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the kindness and patience that you gave me throughout this very difficult time in my life. As a widow it is not easy to go through this type of hardship alone, without God and family it’s very despairing. You treated…

Cristiane B. Timoteo

I just wanted to say how much was it a pleasure for me to do business with you. I found your name in a propaganda from my mail box, and different than many other times with such type of advertisement, this time I decided to call, something about you felt…


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