Cristiane B. Timoteo

I just wanted to say how much was it a pleasure for me to do business with you. I found your name in a propaganda from my mail box, and different than many other times with such type of advertisement, this time I decided to call, something about you felt right! I’m glad I did. You were right away very courteous and helpful, making it easy for me to decide not to call the other many realtor agents there are in south Florida right now. Working with you was simple but effective, you made it to appointments and never failed me. Also, I was extremely impressed with the speed in which you solved my home problem. I have and I will continue to refer people to you as it was obvious to me your primary care was in solving my problem as easily and hassle free as we could, and not just another business transaction, thus I appreciate that especially nowadays it’s so hard to find honest, caring professionals like you. Thanks again for everything you have done for me and when I am ready to purchase a new home, I’ll call you again!